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For the past 52 years, Jeep has taken the Easter season as the time to show off their latest concept vehicles. This year is no exception. Check out what could be on the horizon if the interest is there. And we KNOW the interest is there. We love these

The Chevy K5 was cemented into history as one of the coolest overlanders when Chief Brody drove one in Jaws. Since then it's been a favorite of truck enthusiasts, overlanders, and those that love their vehicles to be utilitarian multi use tools. Now, the K5 has been

Kenny Hauk and the crew at Hauk Designs have created an overland beast of a vehicle unlike anything we've seen before. And we freak'en love it! The 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK "Tomahauk" build features a  Rock Krawler suspension kit and 16-inch coilovers. It also features a hydraulically controlled

This is what overland dreams are made of! Mopar has put together a dream Jeep to show off their new parts and accessories. The Mopar Jeep Wrangler Rubicon features Mojito Green paint, a satin black keystone grill, tube doors, rock rails, a two-inch lift and BFGoodrich 35-inch