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A 53 year old Land Rover pickup with only 4,764 miles on the odometer?! One that’s been restored from the frame up?! Yeah. We want it. But are a little short of the $86,900 asking price. The 1965 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Restomod is available at Art & Speed and features

This Bigfoot belongs off road! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot from London-based design house Chelsea Trucks is a true overland beast of Sasquatch proportions! But before we go any further… It’s not legal in the US. Stupid environmental laws! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot features 37-inch extreme off road Maxxis

Do you need an overland vehicle that can survive the apocalypse? One that can take you and yours afield in style and comfort? And can be had for under $331,000? Then the Rhino GX Executive from US Specialty Vehicles is just what you need. Built on the Ford F450

The Chevy K5 was cemented into history as one of the coolest overlanders when Chief Brody drove one in Jaws. Since then it's been a favorite of truck enthusiasts, overlanders, and those that love their vehicles to be utilitarian multi use tools. Now, the K5 has been

Another Overland Dream destined to end in disappointment. Why? Because this bad boy is not available in the good ol' U.S. of A. Stupid import laws! So what is the Kahn Land Rover Defender Double Cab Truck? Start with a stock Land Rover Defender Double Cab