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It’s been mighty hot the past couple of weeks, you don’t need to look to my outdoor column to learn this fact, I’m sure. But, for those of us that love the challenge of hunting wild hogs and are experiencing a bit of summer “cabin

Vera, Texas- If you’ve never visited the “Cedar Breaks” county of north Texas up in Knox County, you have missed some of the most spectacular views that Texas has to offer; also some of the best hunting! I first discovered this area while on a

While speaking at a Lion’s Club meeting a few weeks ago, I was posed a question that I am often asked, “How did you get started as an outdoor writer, Luke?” Looking back through the years, I am pretty sure that I didn’t have a long

Since I was a youngster growing up in very rural Red River County in northeast Texas, I’ve felt a need to have a “camp”, someplace away from home where I could occasionally go and retreat to what substitutes for “the wild”. A couple of neighborhood kids

I’ve been in all sorts of hunting camps throughout the years. When I was a youngster back in the sixties, I would visit “squirrel camps” in Red River County where several guys would camp out in tents for a few days and hunt and cook