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“First thing after daylight we’ll go meet Robert Redford.” Before I could comment about “Jeremiah Johnson” Dave Fent jumped in, “The local Dalabon elder. He’s given us permission to hunt buffalo on their land, but out of courtesy we’ll ask again.” He continued, “I doubt he’ll

A raven black crow circled overhead. To my right I could hear a mockingbird raising a ruckus, doing its imitation of a crow, blue jay and a squawk I had not heard before. Sights and sounds were noticed as I stopped blowing on my Burnham

Even before we crawled into our deer blind, it was raining. Not a slow “soaking” rain, but a violent downpour accompanied by lightning strikes so close we could taste the bolts, followed immediately by deafening thunder which shook the blind. I glanced at Chris Treiber,

“Last week a big black boar literally chased a bowhunter out of the woods we’ll be hunting! According to the hunter the bear spotted him well over a hundred yards away and started immediately walking toward him. The hunter started backing up. The bear kept