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“Did you see anything yesterday afternoon?” questioned a camo-shirted hunter, as I was filling my pickup with gas. Before I could respond he added. “I didn’t go out. It was just simply too hot! Deer probably weren’t moving. Weather is supposed to be cold now,

“Down! Get down!” Whisper-shouted Corne. At the same time, he was motioning me to drop behind the back side of the dune we were approaching. I looked up to the crest of the red sand dune as Corne peaked over the top to again locate

“Think I’m going to watch football, Texas is playing one of the old Southwest Conference teams, and I do not want to miss the game. Beside no self-respecting mature whitetail buck would be caught out in this heat.”   I nodded an affirmative as if to

“Do not step on loose rock! This is not a place to make noise or slip and tumble!” warned my guide.   I looked over the edge of the narrow ledge we were on. He was right I did not want to fall to sharp rocks

“Upward and onward!” said a smiling Tim Fallon. I shook my head, then followed Tim’s gaze to the crest of the Sottish highlands, then looked at the wet heather at my feet! I was tired, but did not want to admit it! We still had

Eleven years ago I hunted just north of Cranbrook, British Columbia. It was early October and I was there to pursue mountain goat the in the Purcell Mountains’ in Kootney Valley. It was on that hunt that I had my first encounter with a grizzly