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“Did you see anything yesterday afternoon?” questioned a camo-shirted hunter, as I was filling my pickup with gas. Before I could respond he added. “I didn’t go out. It was just simply too hot! Deer probably weren’t moving. Weather is supposed to be cold now,

“Mistah Harris…Oh, Mistah Harris…” crooned Bing Crosby as he raised his over-under shotgun to swing on a specklebelly goose. The whitefront goose tumbled to the ground at the shot. “Mistah Harris, it’s so good to be in a goose blind again…” “Good shot Mistah Crosby! Ah

I ejected the empty .300 H&H Mag Hornady case from my Ruger No. 1 and turned toward my guide. “Looks like that third shot cut the hole of the first two, making your group appear as an ace of clubs. Had heard single-shots weren’t supposed

“Single-shot rifle is really a misnomer! Hunting with a single-shot doesn’t mean you can only shoot one time. Just like any other hunting rifle action, it simply means making the first shot count, which is what we should do no matter how fast a second shot

“Think I’m going to watch football, Texas is playing one of the old Southwest Conference teams, and I do not want to miss the game. Beside no self-respecting mature whitetail buck would be caught out in this heat.”   I nodded an affirmative as if to

OK…I admit! I enjoy hunting the spotted throughout life Axis deer! The Axis deer also know as the “chital deer” is originally from India. His kind was introduced into Texas back in the early 1900’s, mostly on Capt. Eddie Rickenbacher’s, a World War I fighter pilot

Jed pointed with chin and eyes to the extreme left. Whatever deer was there was close. I dared not blink an eye. It had approached us from directly downwind, a half-hour after I quit rattling. I had seen mature bucks do this occasionally and should