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Of all the injuries and afflictions suffered by John Hanning Speke during his quest to discover the source of the Nile in 1854 and 1856 none was as EARie as the incident in which a beetle lodged itself in his ear. [caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="604"] by

“First thing after daylight we’ll go meet Robert Redford.” Before I could comment about “Jeremiah Johnson” Dave Fent jumped in, “The local Dalabon elder. He’s given us permission to hunt buffalo on their land, but out of courtesy we’ll ask again.” He continued, “I doubt he’ll

Excerpt from Texas Safari: The Game Hunter's Guide To Texas After much consideration and having acquired men and supplies Jerry B. St. John, Esq. of Great Britain decided to allow himself six weeks for safari. The vast wilderness along the Gulf Coast of the recently formed

Watch as Professional Hunter, host of Rugged Expeditions,  author, hair model, and all around swell guy J. Alain Smith as he travels to Uganda to hunt Cape buffalo and figure out hashtags! Ok. We made up the "hair model" part. But damn dude. Ya' can sport that gray! About J. Alain Smith is

With horns spanning upwards of 12 feet and carrying a circumference of 25 inches or more at the base, Watusi are quickly becoming one of the most sought after game animals in the realm of exotic hunting. Watusi can reach upwards 1,600 hundred pounds in weight,