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Of all the injuries and afflictions suffered by John Hanning Speke during his quest to discover the source of the Nile in 1854 and 1856 none was as EARie as the incident in which a beetle lodged itself in his ear. [caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="604"] by

I do not remember the date!  It happened many years ago. I do remember the photo! I was an impressionable youngster who lived to hunt and continually day dreamed of African sunsets and campfires after long, arduous days afield following trackers in search of Cape

Ya' wanna know what boots are best for wearing to the craft brewery for their weekly Big Bang Theory viewing party? Ask a twenty something hipster doofus. Ya' wanna know what boots are best for wearing afield? Ask a hunter. And we did. And here some of the comments we got

Elegance defined with the spirit of safari. The Bianca is a small-sized bag with double chain straps that hang gracefully from the shoulder or drape casually from the elbow. In Burchell Zebra, it offers a beguiling combination of exotic chic and elegant high fashion. Its smaller dimensions make this