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The Mercedes-Benz G550 Squared is one of the best overlanders on the market today. It’s so good in fact that many would argue that it can’t be improved. Brabus disagreed. They disagreed big time! The Mercedes Brabus G550 Adventure 4×4² features 550 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, Monoblock

A 53 year old Land Rover pickup with only 4,764 miles on the odometer?! One that’s been restored from the frame up?! Yeah. We want it. But are a little short of the $86,900 asking price. The 1965 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Restomod is available at Art & Speed and features

This boat will get you to where the fish are… No matter where the fish are! The IDA Pfeiffer Ice Vessel measures 70-meter-long, is powered by diesel-electric propulsion, has a range of 7,000 miles and, as mentioned, can go damn near anywhere. Through ice? Yep! Easily. Not only that but the

This Bigfoot belongs off road! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot from London-based design house Chelsea Trucks is a true overland beast of Sasquatch proportions! But before we go any further… It’s not legal in the US. Stupid environmental laws! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot features 37-inch extreme off road Maxxis

Finally. An overland vehicle designed for hunting dinosaurs. Kind'a. The Land Rover Defender 110 ‘Predator' was designed by Markus Hammarberg from Island Defender and was originally designed  as an Asset Containment Unit for use at the fictional Jurassic World theme park, a WARN Zeon Platinum 10,000-pound Winch, and hell'uva

Do you need an overland vehicle that can survive the apocalypse? One that can take you and yours afield in style and comfort? And can be had for under $331,000? Then the Rhino GX Executive from US Specialty Vehicles is just what you need. Built on the Ford F450

For the past 52 years, Jeep has taken the Easter season as the time to show off their latest concept vehicles. This year is no exception. Check out what could be on the horizon if the interest is there. And we KNOW the interest is there. We love these