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Ya’ know. People often ask me. “Gayne, where does a world renowned outdoor writer such as yourself craft such incredibly powerful and moving prose?” What? Lots of people ask me that. My response is that it depends on where in the world I am. But when I’m back home in Fredericksburg,

There are cigar cutters… Then there are cigar cutters… And the Dedicato A David Tabletop Cigar Cutter is the latter. Its sharp stainless steel blade slices through wrappers and leaves and the 20mm hole will accommodate most cigars. It comes with a striking wooden base for full stability

Celebrating time afield with a cigar is a time honored tradition. And there is no better way to begin that tradition than with a custom cigar cutter made from mammoth ivory. African Sporting Creations' Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters are crafted from 10,000 year old mammoth ivory, feature blades forged

This is pretty unreal! Watch as the USS Abraham Lincoln fishtails like a bad boy while at high speeds while cruising the Atlantic Ocean. It's an incredible sight considering that the US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier can carry upwards of 70 aircraft and weighs around 100,000 tonnes. The ship