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I’m a Texan, born and raised and have been singing the praises of all the varied hunting and fishing opportunities our great state offers for many years but, as most outdoors folks will readily agree, it’s fun to explore new opportunities! We have a tremendous population

I believed I mentioned in a previous column that I was heading up to Knox County to hunt turkeys at Ranger Creek Ranch, one of my long time favorite spots for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. Well, I’m just back from a couple days

Hunting turkeys during the mating season in the spring is one of the highlights of my hunting year. There is something very special about getting out in the early spring woods or fields in pursuit of a longbeard. With Indian Paintbrushes and Bluebonnets in bloom

In today’s outdoor column, I want to first share with you a great tasting and easy to prepare “campfire meal”, and then I feel the need to express some thoughts that I’ve had “simmering” for a while. First, let’s make some campfire beans and Brats