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To me, a hunting trip has not ended until the meat is wrapped and in the freezer or, as was the case just yesterday, in the skillet! You’ve read my articles long enough to learn that my “loaded” opening sentence will eventually lead to the

It’s been mighty hot the past couple of weeks, you don’t need to look to my outdoor column to learn this fact, I’m sure. But, for those of us that love the challenge of hunting wild hogs and are experiencing a bit of summer “cabin

Regular readers might remember an article I wrote about hunting eastern turkey up in Oklahoma at the vast 45,000 acres “Choctaw Hunting Lodge, located less than an hour west of Hugo, Ok. This past week, I made my second trip to this outdoor wonderland, this

Options, that’s what this week’s column is all about. We fishermen have several options when it comes to wetting a line for sport or, in many cases, a fresh fish dinner! We can own our boat which comes with some “built in” costs in the