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“Did you see anything yesterday afternoon?” questioned a camo-shirted hunter, as I was filling my pickup with gas. Before I could respond he added. “I didn’t go out. It was just simply too hot! Deer probably weren’t moving. Weather is supposed to be cold now,

“Don’t think you’ll need a coat this afternoon, other than maybe to keep the sun off of you! Course, if you did wear it, might insulate you a bit from this heat!” commented Gildas Paradis owner of Riverside Lodge. “Normally, it’s not this hot in

“Down! Get down!” Whisper-shouted Corne. At the same time, he was motioning me to drop behind the back side of the dune we were approaching. I looked up to the crest of the red sand dune as Corne peaked over the top to again locate

“Whysoooon, where are you?” questioned Gary Roberson. Before I could reply to his phone query, “I’m about an hour away from the Ivy Ranch, so you’ll probably get there before I do. Save Steve and me a couple of bunks in the coolest of the

“Mistah Harris…Oh, Mistah Harris…” crooned Bing Crosby as he raised his over-under shotgun to swing on a specklebelly goose. The whitefront goose tumbled to the ground at the shot. “Mistah Harris, it’s so good to be in a goose blind again…” “Good shot Mistah Crosby! Ah

I ejected the empty .300 H&H Mag Hornady case from my Ruger No. 1 and turned toward my guide. “Looks like that third shot cut the hole of the first two, making your group appear as an ace of clubs. Had heard single-shots weren’t supposed

How do you feel about rain, particularly rainy days during hunting season? The symphony played by rain drops on the tin roof initially sounded like a lullaby, but after a while…. It had been raining “solidly” for two days without let up. Staying in camp had

“Single-shot rifle is really a misnomer! Hunting with a single-shot doesn’t mean you can only shoot one time. Just like any other hunting rifle action, it simply means making the first shot count, which is what we should do no matter how fast a second shot