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Nothing to see here. Just another department store renovation that ended with the discovery of a mummified monkey. Yeah. That is kind'a weird now that we think about it! Workers renovating the old Dayton’s department store in downtown Minneapolis discovered the mummified remains of a monkey earlier this week. Can

Face it. Odds are that you won't be kidnapped during your lifetime. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared to escape a kidnapping if such a travesty occurs. The Anti-Kidnapping Band is designed for just such an event. It basically allows you to carry escape tools in your

Of all the injuries and afflictions suffered by John Hanning Speke during his quest to discover the source of the Nile in 1854 and 1856 none was as EARie as the incident in which a beetle lodged itself in his ear. [caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="604"] by

This is Turner. She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and far more than just my pet. She’s my protector. My companion. And my friend. She’s always there for me and never judges me. So, it makes sense that I would want the absolute best for Turner. That’s why I tried out a Gunner Kennel. Not for