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June 2018

Epic Pictures has just released the poster for their new film, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot. The film stars Sam Elliot, Aidan Turner, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Larry Miller, and Ron Livingston. It was produced by John Sayles. And based on the description and poster the

“Whysoooon, where are you?” questioned Gary Roberson. Before I could reply to his phone query, “I’m about an hour away from the Ivy Ranch, so you’ll probably get there before I do. Save Steve and me a couple of bunks in the coolest of the

Regular readers might remember an article I wrote about hunting eastern turkey up in Oklahoma at the vast 45,000 acres “Choctaw Hunting Lodge, located less than an hour west of Hugo, Ok. This past week, I made my second trip to this outdoor wonderland, this

What the hell kind'a porpoise head looking Loch Ness wannabe freak fish is this? And where'd it come from? According to the Guizhou Urban Newspaper, this crazy monstrosity of nature was caught in Guizhou, south-west China. Its picture has gone viral along with speculation as to what the

“Mistah Harris…Oh, Mistah Harris…” crooned Bing Crosby as he raised his over-under shotgun to swing on a specklebelly goose. The whitefront goose tumbled to the ground at the shot. “Mistah Harris, it’s so good to be in a goose blind again…” “Good shot Mistah Crosby! Ah

Options, that’s what this week’s column is all about. We fishermen have several options when it comes to wetting a line for sport or, in many cases, a fresh fish dinner! We can own our boat which comes with some “built in” costs in the