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Dogs On Hogs & Controversy!

Hunting wild boar with dogs is a thrill unlike anything else.

Unfortunately, the Daily Mail doesn’t believe so.

In fact, they – and apparently many of their readers – feel the sport barbaric.a

The Daily Mail posted the below video under the title, “Hunting dog sinks its teeth into the neck of a wild pig in brutal fight to the death as the animals thrash around in a stream: WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT” in a piece written by Bridie Pearson-Jones.

Jones wrote that the video was “savage” and “shocking.”

Those that commented apparently also found the video alarming.

The comments ranged from “how in the world is that a fair fight..it is inhumane…bunch of losers” to “Sounds like a gun totin brainless redneck mumbling zombie if you want to kill things why not take all your firepower and go hunting the Isis and do something with your life. They can be shot not ripped apart and tortured for your pleasure.”


We liked the video and love hunting wild boar.

How about you?

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