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April 2018

Fabiana LeFleu's homemade bikini is going viral. Or rather pictures of her in a bikini are going viral. And not because Fabiana has the best body in the world. The picture of her in a bikini going viral is probably because her bikini is made out of FROGS! Yep,

Nothing to see here. Just another department store renovation that ended with the discovery of a mummified monkey. Yeah. That is kind'a weird now that we think about it! Workers renovating the old Dayton’s department store in downtown Minneapolis discovered the mummified remains of a monkey earlier this week. Can

Darcie's back with another fantastic fishing video! Watch as she heads out into the deep in search of Mahi Mahi. How's she do? Wait. Did you not notice the above pic of her and a trophy Mahi Mahi? Really? Huh. You should probably pay more attention. Anyway. Watch the below as Darcie fishes the

Finally. An overland vehicle designed for hunting dinosaurs. Kind'a. The Land Rover Defender 110 ‘Predator' was designed by Markus Hammarberg from Island Defender and was originally designed  as an Asset Containment Unit for use at the fictional Jurassic World theme park, a WARN Zeon Platinum 10,000-pound Winch, and hell'uva

Forget fuel. Forget flames. The TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter uses a high-voltage arc of electricity to create ignition, is powered by a lithium-ion battery, recharges via USB, features a LED flashlight and a ParaTinder wrist lanyard. Use this bad boy to start a fire or light up your favorite