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The Sourtoe Cocktail

When life gives you lemons…

Make lemonade.

When life takes your big toe…

Well hell…

Drink that too!

Nick Griffiths plans to do just that.

Nick lost his toe – his big toe and two middle toes to be exact – to frostbite back in February after participating in the Yukon Arctic Ultra race.

Nick recently announced that he’ll be donating his big toe…

The one no longer attached to his body…

To Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel in Canada’s Yukon Territory, home of the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail.

Nick told the CBC from his home in Bolton, England that the bar asked for his toe and plans to use it in their Sourtoe Cocktail.

The Sourtoe Cocktail is pretty much just that.

A cocktail made with a human toe!



It’s a cocktail that consists of a a dehydrated human and the alcohol of your choice.

Those that drink the famed concoction may not keep the toe.

Just drink the booze.

The bar began serving the sourtoe back in 1973, when a Yukon local found a jar with a preserved toe in it and decided to make a drink out of it.

Cuz that’s where most people’s thoughts go when they find a toe.

Am I right?

Nick is currently trying to figure out how to get his toes over to the bar.

We’ll keep you posted ion his progress.

Would you drink a sourtoe?

Take to the comments to let us know!

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