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April 2018

How do you feel about rain, particularly rainy days during hunting season? The symphony played by rain drops on the tin roof initially sounded like a lullaby, but after a while…. It had been raining “solidly” for two days without let up. Staying in camp had

Rabbit! It's what's for dinner. Rabbit has always been a stable of those afield especially on the American Frontier. Watch as Dan Wowak from Coalcracker Bushcraft joins Townsend for some 18th Century bunny! It's a great video and one that shows dedication to our American heritage while still being

I believed I mentioned in a previous column that I was heading up to Knox County to hunt turkeys at Ranger Creek Ranch, one of my long time favorite spots for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. Well, I’m just back from a couple days

This Bigfoot belongs off road! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot from London-based design house Chelsea Trucks is a true overland beast of Sasquatch proportions! But before we go any further… It’s not legal in the US. Stupid environmental laws! The Land Rover Defender Bigfoot features 37-inch extreme off road Maxxis