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Review: Gunner Kennels

Dog Kennels

This is Turner.

She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and far more than just my pet.

She’s my protector.

My companion.

And my friend.

She’s always there for me and never judges me.

So, it makes sense that I would want the absolute best for Turner.

Dog Kennels

That’s why I tried out a Gunner Kennel.

Not for transporting Turner around, mind you, but for her to sleep in at night.

This because for all her attributes, Turner is a lousy nighttime companion.

She wanders the house, does things she shouldn’t, and tries repeatedly to jump her 100 pound self into my bed when I’m sleeping.

So, on the recommendation of my vet, I decided to crate Turner at night to protect both her and me.

This was easier said than done as the first two dogs crates I got each lasted about a month. They simply weren’t durable enough for a beast like mine. The crates were manufactured of too thin of plastic, lost their shape, bowed out, then just kind of fell apart.

None of this is an issue with my Gunner Kennel.

My G1 Large Kennel – like all Gunner Kennels – is made of double-walled rotomolded plastic that’s been tested, “to withstand over 4,000 lb. of force, a 12-gauge shotgun at 7 steps, a 200­+ foot cliff drop, and 630 lb. dropped from 8’4”.” It short, it’s pretty indestructible. I also like that it’s well ventilated (Turner and I live in the Texas heat) and has two separate locks that keep the door shut and secure. The kennel’s rubber feet insure that the crate stays put and its removable drain plug makes it easy to clean.

Trust me.

That last feature was a Godsend when the squirrel Turner killed and ate came back to haunt her.

Dog Kennels

I’ve yet to take my Gunner Kennel on the road yet but know that when I do that it will handle great. It has rear wheel for easy movement and stainless steel tie downs designed for ratchet straps.

The only downside of the Gunner Kennel is the steep price but this wouldn’t have been such an issue had I bought a Gunner before purchasing two inferior crates.

Bottom Line: The Gunner’s a real tough winner!

Find out about Gunner Kennels HERE

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