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“Hey, I got a bunch of lube coming your way,” is NOT what you want to hear your editor say.

“Beg your pardon?”

He wasn’t kidding. Tetra Gun sent him oodles of the stuff. Lube, solvent, bore cleaners. Big bottles of stuff, little bottles of the same stuff to make it easier to carry. It was a cornucopia of greasy gun care goodness.

So off I went, good and greased up to the range. I even put some on the guns too. The Triple Action spray worked like a champ on my AR. It cycled flawlessly, and as anyone who has spent time around the platform will know, made it easier to clean as it was not fired dry (always a bad idea, especially with autos).

As I was shooting off the bench, I used the big can of Triple Action. For those concerned with space, smaller packaging is available.

For the Tetra Gun Dry Lube, I worked some in between the moving surfaces of my Walther P22. It is prone to stovepipe if not well lubed. It functioned well, even with the low pressure of sub-sonic ammo.

After range time I used the various solvents, to include Tetra Gun’s barrel solvent. As promised, it got everything squeaky clean.

Now everything I have is cleaned, well lubed and ready to go again. Thanks for lubing me up boss.

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