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AEV Prospector

Lightning does strike twice.

Or in AEV’s case, numerous times.

In 1997, Dave Harriton founded American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), a company dedicated to “pushing the boundaries of design and innovation” using the Jeep Wrangler. They succeeded in spades.  First their 112 Wrangler with a stretched long wheelbase TJ succeeded by adding aftermarket parts that quite literally changed the overland market for good.  AEV followed this success by unveiling the Brute, a Wrangler-based pickup truck that once again set the standard for what an aftermarket or turnkey vehicle could be and this overland vehicle sent critics to raving.  Road & Track Executive Editor Sam Smith summed it up best when he wrote that driving the Brute makes, “You feel like a God.”  Not content to rest on these latest laurels, Dave and his company sent an electric charge through the overland – and work truck – community once again when they recently unveiled the Prospector.

Available via aftermarket upgrades or turnkey through dedicated Dodge dealerships, the Prospector was conceived for “overland travelers and recreational explorers alike.” This makes it a first of a kind vehicle; one that’s at home traversing the back deserts of Nevada or West Texas, hauling gravel to and from a construction site, or heading out for the city’s nightlife. It starts with a Ram 2500 or 3500. From there, AEV installs a 4mm thick stamped steel bumper that can accommodate up to a 16,500-pound winch and ductile iron tow loops that meet or exceed all OEM load specs and can double as wear plates to slide over steep obstacles. Underneath, the three-inch Dual Sport Suspension System increases wheel travel and provides clearance to mount tires up to 37 inches. It also improves handling, allows for greater off-road performance and provides driver comfort while maintaining factory load carrying capacity and vehicle handling. Tires are mounted on Katla or Salta HD Wheels cast from A356/T6 Aluminum and feature protective recessed valve stems. Other add-ons include a painted grille and rear bumper, AEV-logo badging, headrests, and instrument cluster, and a serialized build plaque.

In short, the Prospector is a beast of a vehicle.

And we want one!

Prices start at $13,925, not including the cost of the Ram 2500 or 3500 pickup Conversions are made at AEV’s Commerce Township, Michigan, facility.

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